No man is an island. We are all connected through our interests, ideas, identities and inspirations. Entertainment connects. It puts us with our desires. Our desires keep us connected. We provide entertainment. We provide connection. Any journey starts with a single step. Challenge yourself to grow as you take on the various journeys of life. Use passion as you compass and dreams as your map.Your heart will take you the rest of the way. Challenges become simple obstacles to overcome. When you have inspiration as your guide. Drive yourself. It may be safer to stay on the ground, But the sweetest of pleasures sometimes can be found in the riskiest places. Do something every day that scares you.

Mon 10/06/2013 18.00
Event Bridgestone road show @ Central Plaza Pattaya

Wed 12/06/2013 23.00
Pub Brick Bar @ ถนนข้าวสาร

Gail TGT
Thu 13/06/201316.00
Event Milk Fesitval 2013 @ The Mall บางแค

Thu 13/06/2013 23.00
Pub ร้าน ป1/2 @ จ.ตราด

Fri 14/06/2013 23.00sat 01/06/2013
Pub U Bar @ โคราช

Sugar eyes
Sun 16/06/2013 15.30
Event Doraemon Event 2013 @ เซ็นทรัล พิษณุโลก

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Good news for those who want to be informed about the latest news updates in Thailand but are not able to catch them on television. Channel 3 and BEC Tero Entertainment are bringing the popular morning news programme “Rueang Lao Chao Nee” online in real-time. This service also ensures that Thais abroad can also watch the programme live. You’ll always have your finger on Thailand’s pulse no matter where you are. And if you miss the top stories of the day, you can always watch a rerun of the programme online.

 Sorayut Suthatsanajinda, one of the show’s main anchors, is inviting fans to try out this new online broadcast:  “For fans of early morning news, you can log on to http://morning-news.bectero.com or www.เรื่องเล่าเช้านี้.com to watch our show live on the internet from Mondays to Fridays, 6 – 8 am local time. You can also watch reruns of our show by clicking on the news category you’re after. We’ll also announce the names of winners of our SMS games on the website so you’ll know whether you’re one of the lucky winners.”

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